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Herbal Treatment


Origin Story of Urbfort

The roots of Urbfort, which was earlier known as Nagpal Herbal Pharmacy, can be traced to their Pakistan journey started in the year 1868. Nagpal Herbal Pharmacy was founded and well-established by Vaid Nanak Chand Nagpal who practised Ayurveda and further passed his learnings to his younger generation with an intent to help individuals from all generation gaps who are suffering from medical health issues with the prominent use of ayurvedic remedies and products. In earlier days, Vaid Nanak Chand Nagpal helped youth and old-age people to overcome their medical pain and suffering by providing free medical treatment with the use of his core knowledge related to Ayurveda as well as from "Local Ayurvedic Herbs.” To make a living, Vaid Nanak Chand Nagpal used to sell groceries in the Bahawalpur city of Pakistan, though later on his expert knowledge and experiences about herbs and their usage enabled him to start his own company, “Nagpal Herbal Pharmacy.”

After the demise of Vaid Nanak Chand Nagpal, the journey of Nagpal Herbal Pharmacy was continued by his son Vaid Govind Ram Nagpal, who diligently followed the footsteps of his father’s eventful odyssey and took the company’s success to a whole new height. Vaid Govind Ram Nagpal also continued to share the knowledge of Ayurveda medical practice and learning with his son Vaid Murari Nagpal and grandson, Vaid Raj Kumar Nagpal for the traditional medical treatment all over the world. With the learnings and experience from their forefathers, Vaid Murari Nagpal and Vaid Raj Kumar Nagpal launched several ayurvedic treatments and products to provide medical relief to patients suffering from health issues related to stomach, knee pain, blood pressure, stones, liver, diabetes, menstrual pain and various issues faced by both men and women.


In the year 2020, Nagpal Herbal Pharmacy changed its brand name to "Urbfort" to keep the theme of the brand which would help them to connect more efficiently with people who acknowledge the value of Ayurveda is one's lifestyle from all over the world. Vaid Jitender Nagpal played a very important role in making the company India’s most trusted brand as the manufacturer of natural ayurvedic products. Each product was carefully practised and tested by him to successfully attend to the medical needs of the people. He follows the aim to provide the best quality medicine to cure patients with proper technique, i.e., the processing of boiling and grinding of herbs to sustain minimal waste or no waste while making the products useful as well as safe to use for a prolonged duration.

Success Story of Urbfort

Nagpal Herbal Pharmacy has completed 150 years and during these past years, the company has flourished tremendously with the worldwide acceptance and support of a loyal customer base due to its high-quality medical products. Though facing a lot of hardship, Nagpal Herbal Pharmacy continues to connect with multiple patients from various states of India. Vaid Jitender Nagpal also shared various remedies which were proven effective for patients with substance use or drug addiction such as alcohol, smoking, poppy, and many others. Understanding the growing problem of such addictive use of drugs by youth from various sides of the globe and its severity, the company focuses on providing effective ayurvedic products and remedies that help the youth fighting, recovering, and successfully quitting such medical issues without causing any side effects or addiction.

During the year 2020, the company officials wanted to reimagine the image of the brand and changed its name from "Nagpal Herbal Pharmacy'' to "Urbfort" with the vision to build up a stronger relationship and network with people all over the world. While establishing a centralized theme of providing the best and pure herbal products, ayurvedic treatments, and many other products & services. Moreover, the company worked on designing unique and licensed packaging for its products under the brand name of Urbfort, as a necessary step for building customers’ confidence in their quality and authenticity.

In its ever-growing journey, the company now has built multiple manufacturing and distribution outlets in various states of India. There is a grand production of about 200 different types of herbs among its various divisions, and now Urbfort provides over 500 ayurvedic products that are best suited to be used for medical, personal care, and even treating chronic illnesses. Over these past years, the company has worked on providing ayurvedic treatments and products with the highest quality and efficiency, thus making the brand and its products certified by various health organizations such as GMP, FDA, HALAL, and other 8 certified units. Moreover, Urbfort has its own herb production units that have a high yielding capacity of many herbs like neem, has, aloe vera, awala, herd, harmal espan, brahmi, shankhpushpi, pitta papada, nirmundi, aaskin, kurand, bhringraj, etc. These are a few among the many famous herbs that have proven effective in curing various ailments.

Currently, Urbfort is aiming to connect with many people from all over the world who can benefit from the great healing qualities and medicinal effects. In this process, the rising trust in the brand and its product qualities has attracted people from various parts of the world. In the making and assembly process of ayurvedic and herbal products, the company uses harmony traditional processes, ensuring their high quality and is conducted under experienced and expert supervision.

Another great mark in the success story of Urbfort is the contribution the company made during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ayurvedic products were able to show great results in reducing and remedying the several symptoms shown in a Covid-positive patient. This made a huge impact in helping patients who were facing health issues related to heavy coughing, breathing loss, and tiredness. In this period, the Jigar-A-Shafa Syrup introduced by Urbfort highly gained recognition, as an effective ayurvedic product that helped coronavirus suffering patients overcome their symptoms and pain. The company made this syrup with the essential blend of 30 herbal components that are considered effective for the symptoms of heavy coughing, breathing loss, and tiredness.

With such ayurvedic products and treatment remedies, the company has focused on spreading awareness to the people about the benefits of ayurvedic remedies that have been used from the early medicinal history of India. The company also launched other products that are effective in helping Covid-positive patients in these difficult times of the pandemic. Ayurvedic products like Kesari Syrup and A9 Liver Capsule help patients suffering from liver pain to get relief. These products help boost immunity and suppress the effects of symptoms of the different variants of Covid-19 such as Delta Covid-19 and Omicron. For the younger generation, it has been observed that following a daily routine of consuming these ayurvedic products has helped the youth of our country to stay healthy and protected against this virus.

Initiation by Urbfort

Ayurveda consists of the ability to cure various chronic diseases related to cancer, asthma, diabetes, and many more, but with the pace of time, the importance and value of Ayurveda are starting to lose their roots. Thus, to keep the influence and role of Ayurveda forever in society, the youth of the country have the most important role as they are the ones who could keep the essence of Ayurveda alive. As noted in several studies, it has been evident that the most common health issues faced by our youth generation, such as skin, hair, health, sexual well-being, and many more, are directly linked to the daily lifestyle and eating habits. Ayurveda and herbal products are important for today's youth as they promote their well-being, restore health with a proper understanding of the disease, increase immunity, strengthen their body and balance the overall aspects, soul, and mind. The core goals of Urbfort are to provide natural remedies for people from all age groups, help cure the health issue and remove the root cause behind a person's medical suffering, go beyond the term of pharmaceuticals, and provide ayurvedic products and services at an affordable rate to make them accessible to everyone.

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